A Complete Software Suite


Alpha Timing is a complete suite of software to run your club or championship.

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Online Entries and
Club Management

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Timing System

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Live Timing

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Online Results

Live Timing Done Right.


Live timing as it should be

We use the latest in software and cloud technologies to deliver real time race data almost instantly to everyone following your race events online.

Super simple embedding of the live timing data directly into your own website styled to how you want it to be.

Access live timing data on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device anywhere in the World

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Keep your timing Hardware.

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Why fork out again?

You've invested thousands in your AMB / Mylaps or Chronolec decoders, loops and transponders, so why replace them?

The Alpha Timing System is designed to make the best use of the hardware you already have.

No further capital investment required. Your competitors will be happy and so will your finances.

Event Management. Made Easy.


Simplicity and flexibility

We've spent hundreds of hours designing, developing and evaluating the user interface to the Alpha Timing System.

We know how important it is for the system to be as simple to use as possible yet remain truly flexible at the same time.

Whether it's grid generation, race management, repecharge setup, competitor management, transponder allocation, managing corporate events or club events, every aspect of the system has been designed to make your job easier.

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Championships. Baked in.


No more Excel sheets

Whatever point scheme you could dream of the Alpha Timing System can handle it with ease.

Calculate and publish results and championship tables immediately to paper or the web.

Import event entries from the Alpha Championship System.

Work in the cloud

Manage your championship entries online where ever you are with the Alpha Championship System.

Take payments online or over the phone, print disclaimers, grids, entry forms and programmes at the touch of a button.

Export your event entries straight into the Alpha Timing System saving you time and reducing mistakes.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It.


We chose the Alpha Timing System because we have witnessed first hand the level of passion, support and development which has gone into the system over the years to get it to the stage where it is now.

It is the most comprehensive, flexible and robust system out there. It beats the competition and our old timing system hands down.

I have also known the two Wills for more than a decade and I know that their support will be second to none.

Bill Sisley, Buckmore Park


We have been running the Alpha Timing System since the early days in 2008 and it has made the running of the events far easier than the old system we used to run. It is such a simple system that even I can use it! We run so many different formats, qualifications schemes etc and the timing system can cope with them all. It is invaluable to us.

In 2012 we took delivery of the Alpha Championship System and it has revolutionised the way we manage our bookings and communicate with our customers for both our arrive-and-drive and MSA championships. It doesn't pigeon hole us into a way of doing things, rather it gives us the flexibility to run the business how we want to. I cannot imagine going back to the old way of doing things.

John Vigor, Club100 / Easykart

Who Are We?


The Alpha Timing System and Alpha Championship System have been developed by Will Tew and Will Alderson of Alpha Business Systems.

Between the two Wills they have more than 30 years of commerical software development experience at some of the best known multi national companies.

The two Wills are also both passionate motor sport competitors and between them have raced at both Club level & National level in the UK.

Will Tew

Will Tew started coding at just 8 years old and has been fascinated by the challenge of designing simple user interfaces ever since.

Will went to unversity at Imperial College London where he also found his other love: 2-stroke karting. This passion lead him on to founding the British Universities Karting Championship in 2001 which he continues to run today.

Will graduated from Imperial with a 1st class masters degree in Information Systems Engineering. He then worked for UBS Investment bank for 3 years where he quickly became the lead developer on a billion-dollar-a-week trading platform. Will left UBS in 2006 in order to setup the British Schools Karting Championship.

Over the years Will has developed numerous championship management systems in order to manage the BSKC, BUKC, NKA Championship, Red Bull Kart Fight and other large championships. It's this experience and knowledge which is at the heart of the Alpha Championship System.

Will Alderson

Will Alderson has over 18 years commercial software development experience, including senior development and architecture roles at Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Morgan Stanley, Easyjet, Bupa and Jardine Lloyd Thompson.

Most recently Will has lead the website development team at blinkbox, being responsible for development and delivery of blinkbox.com and clubcardtv.com.

Will has been involved in motorsport for around 20 years, including working as a race mechanic and as a driver including racing in Super 1.

He has over 13 years experience as a timekeeper, becoming MSA licensed in 2007. Will started work on the Alpha Timing System in 2008 when he had the goal of creating the World's best timing system.

Contact Us


Contact us on info@alphatiming.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.