About Us

Alpha is on a mission to build the world’s best software for motorsport event organisers, promoters, drivers, time keepers and karting venue operators.

Alpha Timing

Alpha was formed in 2013 by Will Alderson and Will Tew with the goal of making it easier for motorsport event organisers to manage large events at scale. Since then Alpha has grown to encompass all sorts of clients with many different needs and requirements from clubs and national championships to go-karting based activity centres.

Every business / club's requirements are unique so flexibility in the software that our clients rely on is essential. Our goal has always been to create the most flexible but user friendly software for all of the markets that we serve. Only then can our clients relax knowing that they can rely on our software to work the way they want it to.

Our History

The founding of Alpha starts with a love for racing. Both Wills competed in national karting championships in the UK. Will Alderson raced in Club100 (a high performance arrive-and-drive karting series) and the British Super One Series in the late 90s early 2000s. Will Tew got into high performance karting while he studying at Imperial College, London in the year 2000 and started racing in Club100 the year after.

Both Wills soon got involved in the organisational side of motorsport events. Will Alderson was asked to run the time keeping at Club100 events and Will Tew setup the British Universities Karting Championship in 2001 using the amazing Club100 karts.

The two founders also have a long history  in software development. Prior to starting Alpha, Will Alderson worked for many years at some of the biggest blue chip companies including Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Morgan Stanley, Easyjet, Bupa, Jardine Lloyd Thompson and Blinkbox. At the age of 18 Will Tew was working for a global micro chip company ST Microelectronics prior to studying Information Systems Engineering at Imperial College. He then went onto work in the IT department at UBS investment bank before leaving to focus on setting up the British Schools Karting Championship. Over that time Will developed many web based software applications to help him manage thousands of entries and hundreds of events single handedly.

In 2008, Will Alderson had become frustrated with the state of the timing software; there simply wasn't a software package out there that had been designed to help the time keeper especially during busy moments. So he decided to build his own for use in Club100 in 2009.

In 2012 Will Tew developed an online entry and booking system for Club100 which revolutionised the way that Club100 was run saving more than a hundred hours of manual processes each month.

At the end of 2012, on request from other karting circuits Will Alderson and Will Tew decided to join forces and setup a company to offer their products to other clubs and karting venues.

Since then as our client based has expanded so has our software suite offering everything from the original timing system and online entry system to barcode scanning, live timing, results and most recently our full blown activity centre management solution Alpha Flow.

Our mission is to build the best software in the world for clubs, championships, activity centres, participants, time keepers and officials.

Meet the Makers

Alpha Timing

Alpha Timing was founded in 2013 by Will Alderson and Will Tew.

Will Tew
Prior to Alpha, Will setup the British Universities Karting Championship and British Schools Karting Championship to open up motorsport to young people on a budget.
Will Alderson
When all of the timing software on the market is not flexible enough what do you do? You create your own of course! That's what Will does, he loves making flexible software.
Nick Sullivan
Nick was born with a pencil in his hand and brings decades of design skills to Alpha. In his free time he likes to make drum and bass music and travel.
Enver Meyer
Enver has more than a decade's worth of experience running go-karting venues in the UK and brings all of that knowledge to Alpha to help us make the best software for the UK leisure industry.
Mason Thomas
Mason is our UK club racing sales representative with many years of competition racing experience. When he's not working at a motorsport event, he will likely be on his bike cycling for many kilometres.
Jono Holland
Jono brings a wealth of teaching experience to his role as Alpha's chief of support having had a varied career in local government, the police and more recently as a driving instructor. In his free time he enjoys attending Motorsport events at his local clubs in East Anglia.
Rachael Furn Bullard
Rachael has been lapscoring since she could hold a pen and has also held an FIA Timing Superlicence. Rachael also brings over a decade of creating business critical software to Alpha. In her spare time she enjoys city breaks and Crossfit.
Rick Selby
Rick has been developing software for over 20 years, always with a focus on making people's lives easier. He raced in the inaugural BUKC championship and has kept a keen interest in motorsport ever since.
We're looking for passionate staff to come and join Alpha, to help us take Alpha to the next stage on our journey. Check out our jobs section for open positions.