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Simplify Your Events with Alpha Race Pro

Take the hassle out of running your motorsport events

Administration simplified

Online Entry & Club Management System

Club Management

Administer entries, manage memberships, auto allocate transponders, generate pre-filled signing-on sheets, stay in touch with your members via mass email system and much much more. Fully GDPR compliant with club privacy policies, consent logs, auto archiving rules and data encryption.

Online Entries & Shop

Let your members enter and securely pay online for practice events, race events, championship entry fees, membership fees, tyres and whatever items you want to sell in your club shop.

Digital Signing On

No More Paper Work

As the organiser you simply instruct the club management system to send out a special signing-on link to all attendees. The attendees then click on the link, fill out their details (much of which is pre-filled) and sign it. They can do this where ever they are in the world using any mobile, laptop or computer.

Fully Configurable

The signing-on declarations are fully configurable with custom fields, various field types and conditional logic. Your club's account with us will pick up the Motorsport UK declarations automatically but if you want to setup your own declarations for non-licenced events you are more than welcome to do so.

Digital Briefings

Digital Briefing Notes

Create written briefing notes and distribute them electronically through the signing-on links and via the entry system. Competitors must read and accept that they understand each clause in the briefing.

Full Visibility

Full record of who has and who hasn't read the briefing notes and how long it takes them to complete it. Can be used as proof to insurers that the briefing was understood by your competitors.

Reception Area

On Day Check-Ins

To go along with the new ways of working we have built a reception module to allow you to keep track of who has turned up to your event or not. From there you can check them in, take payments and, in the not too distant future, send people notifications and / or text messages to their mobile phones for announcements.

“To say that the system has revolutionised the way the whole club operates would be a massive understatement"

Jim Bee— Dunkeswell Kart Club


Alpha Timing System

By Time keepers for Time keepers

Made by time keepers for time keepers, the Alpha Timing System is the most modern, flexible and user friendly timing system on the market. Import entries & transponders from the club management system at the touch of a button and be up and running for your event in under 60 seconds. Stress will be a thing of the past.

World Class Funtionality

Everything has been designed to not just make the time keeper's life easier but also to provide the best and most modern information to competitors and their supporters. Modern live timing and results applications, multiple sector times, the Alpha Timing system does it all.


Live Streaming Graphics

Use our modern live streaming overlay in conjunction with our sister company Alpha Live to showcase your events to an even wider audience online.

No more paper

Digital Scrutineering

Minimise Covid-19 transmission

Help to minimise transmission of coronavirus between competitors or officials by managing the whole scrutineering process online.

Improve efficiency

Forget about searching through scutineering cards, bring up a competitor's vehicle information in seconds. Take notes, revoke or make changes with full audit logs of who did what.

Alpha Scanning System

Scan Everything

Scan barcodes until your heart's content. Scan barcodes on competitor passes, tyres, chassis, engines and seals. Keep track of usage and be alerted to when competitors are trying to use more than their allocated equipment.

Coming SOON

Digital Judicials & Mobile App

We are currently working hard to give clubs the ability to manage all of their judicial and appeals paperwork online, very much in the manner in which the digital signing-on functionality has been developed.

Officials and stewards will have the ability to create, send and receive digital paperwork to or from other officials working on your event.

This will be fully integrated with our new mobile app, Racehub which will allow officials to send notifications to the driver's mobile phone that they are under investigation or that they have been issued with a penalty. Drivers will have the ability to appeal as required and sign all of the paperwork digitally.

The Racehub app launched at the end of 2022 and is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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“We have been with Alpha since day one and can only say we couldn't imagine running the business now without it. It revolutionised the business saving us hundreds of hours of work per month.”
“Motorsport UK chose Alpha for British Kart Championships in 2019 to help us manage  every element involved in running multiple  championship events. The system has proved a great success for Motorsport UK and competitors alike . ”
“The Daniel Ricciardo Series uses Alpha for their online entry system, event timing and live streaming. The support we have received from Alpha has been exceptional, right from the very start. We could not recommend Alpha enough.”
“Using Alpha, we can now process literally everything that is required of our race series in the virtual world. The time/management saving to us is absolutely invaluable”
“Alpha has become absolutely vital to how we  manage our corporate events, our club events and our 24 hour series. It can handle everything we throw at it.”
“We manage all of our activities on Alpha's superb booking software. It has helped enormously making the business and the club far more efficient. They are also very responsive to support queries.”
“Alpha Timing has enabled us to change the way we operate over the years, making us more efficient and giving the customers what they want and need from a professional venue. They are so helpful and flexible.”
“We replaced our old timing software with Alpha back in 2016. Alpha has proven to be rock solid in terms of reliability and our staff find it very easy to use. The only regret we have is not moving over sooner.”

The Alpha Philosophy

Go Deep or Go Home

We take the time to deeply understand the challenges our clients face because you can't rush building great software.

Flexibility is the Key

It is easy to build software which is rigid but difficult to make it flexible. We always choose the difficult path.

We Love Feedback

Customer feedback is like our oxygen. Got an idea or think it can be done better? We want to hear from you.

World Class Support

When running events of any kind you can rest assured that we're on the end of a phone if you need to get hold of us.

Hybrid - The Best of Both Worlds

Things which need to run locally do so. Everything else is in the cloud. The best of both worlds.

Made with Passion

We love building great software and  making our clients lives easier and more productive.

Meet the Makers

Alpha Timing

Alpha Timing was founded in 2013 by Will Alderson and Will Tew.

Will Tew
Prior to Alpha, Will setup the British Universities Karting Championship and British Schools Karting Championship to open up motorsport to young people on a budget.
Will Alderson
When all of the timing software on the market is not flexible enough what do you do? You create your own of course! That's what Will does, he loves making flexible software.
Nick Sullivan
Nick was born with a pencil in his hand and brings decades of design skills to Alpha. In his free time he likes to make drum and bass music and travel.
Enver Meyer
Enver has more than a decade's worth of experience running go-karting venues in the UK and brings all of that knowledge to Alpha to help us make the best software for the UK leisure industry.
Mason Thomas
Mason is our UK club racing sales representative with many years of competition racing experience. When he's not working at a motorsport event, he will likely be on his bike cycling for many kilometres.
Jono Holland
Jono brings a wealth of teaching experience to his role as Alpha's chief of support having had a varied career in local government, the police and more recently as a driving instructor. In his free time he enjoys attending Motorsport events at his local clubs in East Anglia.
Rachael Furn Bullard
Rachael has been lapscoring since she could hold a pen and has also held an FIA Timing Superlicence. Rachael also brings over a decade of creating business critical software to Alpha. In her spare time she enjoys city breaks and Crossfit.
Rick Selby
Rick has been developing software for over 20 years, always with a focus on making people's lives easier. He raced in the inaugural BUKC championship and has kept a keen interest in motorsport ever since.
We're looking for passionate staff to come and join Alpha, to help us take Alpha to the next stage on our journey. Check out our jobs section for open positions.