Over the last few weeks, we have made some exciting improvements to the Club Management System and the Racehub app. Our most recent updates include:

  • The Racehub app now allows competitors to enter, sign-on and complete scrutineering
  • Event filtering for competitors
  • Show or hide classes without entries on the Public Entry List
  • Added the ability for competitors to upload their licence while signing-on
  • Changes to how PDFs for Signing-on are generated
  • Two new email reminders for uploading licences and completing scrutineering
  • Improvements to Emails when sending invoices, creating credit notes and refunds
  • Self-registered Event Staff are informed of their registration status

Some other changes include:

  • the ability to set the auto-close date of an event to the day of the event (i.e. zero days before the event)
  • You can now generate a random grid just for one race
  • In championships you can now email all registered competitors (for that class) that do not have a valid membership

Please read more in our latest updates email.

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